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.Loic Kiza believes that in people’s existence, all go through different kinds of experiences, some more dramatic and profound than others, which ultimately shape individual lives and set them on a particular path in personal lives and even professional careers. In 1994, Loic fled Rwanda his motherland into neighboring Congo, and lived in a refugee camp for almost three years. The extraordinary hardships he endured while living in the camp and later trekking in the tropical forest made him realize how precious yet very fragile human life is, and led him to devote his life to saving lives. During that time, people in great numbers were dying of epidemic diseases, hunger, and one thing that deeply marked him is that many of them would have survived if we had just a few more medical personnel in the camp. Miraculously, Loic Kiza immigrated after completing his high school diploma and is a United States Citizen. He attended Sinclair Community College, then transferred to Wright State University where he graduated with a bachelor of science in Nursing. After years of experience in different clinical units at Miami Valley Hospital, he started the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP) program at Wright State University, and joined the staffing office for Premier Health Partners. As a staff resource nurse, he got to learn about different patient populations hospital-wide and subsequently in different hospitals. He graduated from Wright State University with a Master of Science in nursing which allowed him to become a Certified Nurse Practitioner. Loic Kiza went for a one year fellowship at Ohio State Medical Center and is now working for Signify health where he sees different patient population. Loic Kiza’s over-arching dream of his life is to accumulate years of experience, and one day be able to build a great foundation that focuses on helping the underserved. Among other things, he continues to get involved in nonprofit organizations as a way to build a strong background needed to succeed in such a big undertaking.

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