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Gabriela Pickett Ph.D


Dr. Gabriela Pickett is the Director of International Education at the Lynda A. Cohen Center for the Study of Child Development. She is also the Curator of the Missing Peace Art Space. Gabriela is Vice-President of the International Cities of Peace. She sat on the board of the Dayton Human Relations Council and the currently serves at the Welcome Dayton Board. She is a co-recipient of the 2010 Dayton Metro Library Big Read- Humanitarian Award and the Rwandan Community Service Award for outstanding service to the African Community. Gabriela holds a doctorate in International Education. Gabriela’s goal is to promote long-term sustainable peace through a model of education that promotes conflict resolution without resorting to violence. In addition, Gabriela is also an artist. Her art is a fusion of influences from her native country. Gabriela aims at raising awareness regarding the living conditions of the Mexican indigenous people who have been marginalized by economic realities and social discrimination. As an activist, Gabriela uses her art as a venue for social commentary in the hope that indigenous people are not forgotten.

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